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tyntec is a global cloud communications provider enabling businesses to communicate with their customers, workforce and machines. tyntec has built its global connectivity from the ground up and developed cloud APIs on top to provide the full advantage of cloud communications on a global scale. Building on its heritage of tier-one global A2P messaging provider, tyntec continues to advance how today’s enterprises utilize the universal services of messaging, voice and phone numbers to connect and perform transactions with people around the world. For more information check out our website 

No Matter the Use Case... Messaging is Vital 

Q: What's the simplest, fastest way for your guests to get help from your 
concierge - even when they are not connected to the internet?

A: Via the most popular, real-time communication channel - text messaging! 



Check-In and Check-Out



Q: How can you gauge the satisfaction level of the guest who just checked out? Is there a way to engage them before they air their complaints in public?

A: Ask the guest to rate their experience with a quick and easy SMS-reply. If the rating is lower than average, send a link for an online survey - or escalate it to a voice call. 


Concierge Services

Satisfaction Reviews


Check-In and Check-Out

How hospitality gets personal

Let’s face it: today’s travelers are different. They are on mobile – texting throughout their journey! Shouldn’t you be, too?

tyntec’s Guest Messaging Toolkit

SMS Notifications 
Notify your guests with express check-in & check-out confirmations, and more.

SMS Campaign
Deliver marketing messages to upsell, promote ancillary services, send coupons, and more.

Text Messaging for the Entire Traveler Journey

Trust tyntec with your Guest Messaging

  • Tier-one enterprise SMS messaging provider with the highest scores for reliability, technical expertise and transparency 
  • Unmatched global connectivity, connecting 1,200+ networks in 200+ countries
  • Simple REST API for easy integration into Property Management Systems (PMS), Central Reservation Systems (CRS) or guest engagement platforms
  • Multiple mobile channels including SMS messaging and mobile chat apps
  • Pricing and coverage API available to automatically manage pricing and coverage changes (FREE)
  • 24/7/365 customer service and strict adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Satisfaction Reviews

Q: How do you provide better service and generate more revenue at the same time?

A: Go ahead, get mobile with your guests. Entice them to book activities happening on and off your property via SMS to reach them anywhere.

Survey data from Phocuswright, 2015



 Travel is a global business, and so is our connectivity. Enjoy the largest messaging network with international delivery, including US short codes

Our US short codes offering provides you with a pay-per-message or flat fee model, depending on volumes. In addition, enterprise customers that have short codes activated with other providers can easily migrate the short codes to tyntec, at no additional costs.

Engage your International Audience

Make express check-in and check-out even faster by sending a confirmation SMS

Trigger demand by offering great activities happening both in and outside your hotel


Delight your guests by letting them text your front desk with special requests

Foster guest communication after check out to get fast feedback on your hotel


Q: How do you make your guest experience as seamless as possible before they even arrive?

A: Engage guests prior to arrival, via the more popular communication channel, and make their check-in process even faster with an SMS confirmation. 


Text Messaging is the Most Popular Method 
for Sharing Traveler Experiences

SMS Interaction
Converse with your guests via two-way messaging for concierge service, and more.

Mobile Chat API
Engage your guests via mobile chat apps for branded, multimedia interactions.

Need SMS support  for other traveler-related use cases? Check out our Airline and Online Travel Agency Solutions or simply talk to us about your particular needs!

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